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Ascension into Pure Abstraction

Dec, 29, 2011 — original post

Abstract art communicates beyond what form and figures are capable of representing.

It was a real struggle for me to completely ditch all subjects of identifiable form as I made this piece. I felt the importance of breaking with habit and tradition, but at the same time sorta felt I was forcing myself to make an ugly spilt mess and not clean it up.

Now that I look back on it, it was an uncomfortable but necessary step to take to free my art from too many logical constructs, so that it could just breathe organically based purely on visual appeal.

Even though there is no literal “subject,” to me, to me this represents the ascension of the soul as it fights through painful wounds for freedom from constructs, as the persistent soul reaches ever upwards towards it highest happiness.

Original painting available on Etsy and print variations on Fine Art America.

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