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Dancing Figure Series: Part 4 of 4

Oct. 12, 2012 — original post

Here’s the final painting in my Dancing Figures mini-series, part of the new development I described in detail in the first post from this series.

In my exploration of leaping dancers, I was searching for the most dramatic jumps I could find. There really are only so many basic shapes a body can take while leaping through the air, and I feel like this last one was quite unique.

The unusual angles of the body led me to abstract the figure more than the others, as you can especially see in the waist and torso. That distortion makes it even more exciting to me than the rest, because it appears even more as a reinvention of form.

Here’s the original pencil drawing below. What do you think of my mini-series?

Original painting sold, but small prints available upon request.

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