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Embracing Angelic Feminine Sensuality

Sept. 12, 2012 — original post

Many of my paintings are inspired by very organic natural floral shapes, like Moonflower Magic  and some people say they look like vaginas! 

In the past I never intended the resemblance to female anatomy — I take the Georgia O’Keefe defense. And truthfully, it’s just the symmetry of the reproductive components of nature which often reminds us of sensual human shapes too.

But, since I heard this so much I decided to embrace it, and I thought I’d actually try to make a”V” painting on purpose. Innately, it was never a far jump for me to honor the beauty of the female anatomy, as I pointed out. While I was painting a little hidden image emerged in the middle, which appears to be an angel with wings standing on her tiptoes!

I love the added intrigue of hidden images, and this one adds an air of sacred reverence to the subject matter. I’m really happy with the way that it turned out, and I’ll not be bashful about what this represents either! Always interested to hear your thoughts out there.

Original painting is available here in my Etsy shop and prints available here in my Fine Art America shop.

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