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"Hendrix Voodoo Magic" Painting

August 26, 2012 — original post

Can you hear the Hendrix magic?

This abstract expressionist painting employs a synesthethic experience, where one experiences sound through visuals. Jimi Hendrix, one of my favorite musicians, was a delicious inspiration and exciting challenge for me. The initial sketch for the painting was created with my eyes closed, listening to his wailing guitar and feeling the vibes pulse rhythms through my arm, which can be seen two blog posts back.

The undulations of explosive fiery color and sumptuous organic waves of form echo the circular way Jimi embellished a song. It starts off slow and simple, like in the left bottom color, builds tempo with each new line of each verse, has a spacious moment, and then delves into the infamously explorative guitar solo journeys, before returning back to the start and doing it all over again with each new song.

For the complete experience, view painting while listening to Hendrix!

+ Have you found any poems that describe the sound of Jimi Hendrix? If you do, please paste it in comments below, I’d like to reference it alongside this painting for future displays! 

— Tiffinity

To purchase the original go here to my Etsy listing, and visit my Fine Art America listing to purchase all sizes of prints.

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