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"Shadowboxing" Painting

April 2, 2012 — original post

I am probably one of the most peace-loving people I know, but every now and again I still want to punch someone!

This painting is part of my Artist Way mini-series, “5 Things I’m Not Allowed To Do.” I know better not to do it, but sometimes I feel like fighting with people when they act like idiots. This painting was motivated by some intense personal drama, yet I feel it’s always more constructive and less harmful to paint out my feelings instead of actually resorting to physical or even emotional anger.

The dynamics of angry energy is channeled into fighters in a boxing ring, with the strong opponent on the left creaming the other into unrecognizable shapes. The shadows (much darker in person) build the dramatic mood of the situation, with the fighter emerging into the light and dissolving into the dark.

Paintings and prints available on Etsy and Fine Art America.

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