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"Sunset Boulevard Dreams" Painting & Poem

Dec. 9, 2011

This painting embodies the feeling of driving in Los Angeles.

I snapped the original photo of this painting from a moving car window in Los Angeles.

Here’s a poem I wrote, inspired by this painting.

Sunset Boulevard Dreams

Once upon a time, The City of Angels called me to its sun-kissed shores to dream big dreams of golden spotlights on glittering platforms.

A foreign land in a familiar country, Iʻd heard its siren sing long ago, but not for me. Yet the sound carried on and kept bringing me back, saying ‘Here is where you need to be.’

Like so many emboldened hearts before, I threw my sail into the winds of Hollywood’s tours, did the meet-and-greet and looked all around town, planting tall palm tree roots into firm clay ground.

Still with the big city beat it grows on, baking hot in the gilded desert sun, twisting and turning with internal revolutions, Still this day it waits to be discovered, and yet still it’s only just begun.

—by Tiffany Davis-Rustam

Original painting and prints available on Etsy and a variety of print variations on Fine Art America.

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