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"The Dawning of Infinity" Painting

Jan. 23, 2013 — original post

My personal journey of spiritual discovery and growth feels like it’s been accelerating lately, and that’s inspired me to make paintings that reflect that inner excitement, such as this one, The Dawning of Infinity.

As a joyful dancer leaps through the air towards the sun, the peaceful energy she emits radiates out in pristine white orbs around her, intertwining into a nuanced infinity loop. The cubistic yellow sun rays beam intense divine light down through the complementary contrast of a thoughtful inky blue. Many gradual layers of white were applied to enhance the eminence of light, and the technique of finely-blended brushstrokes lends a quiet air of surreal ambience.

I hope to convey the outer and inner appearance of feeling the warmth of the sun upon one’s skin, while reveling in the realization of inner joys that uplift and inspire.

Here is the purchase link for the original and prints on Etsy.

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