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Tiffany does Gehry, does Disney, in progress…

Jan. 31, 2012 — original post

Every time I pass by the Walt Disney concert hall in LA, I’m so in awe of it’s dynamic swooping forms, and the myriad of shapes I discover from every angle as I walk around it. 

It’s that multi-dimensional aspect that gave me the idea to make a triptych that could work orientated from many directions, orientated as above, upside down, or sideways, however one decided to hang it!

In 2D, Frank Gehry’s design of this building seems more like abstract art than anything functional, and I liked that it was a real subject that could look abstract with my interpretation. My intent is to pay homage to this great design in a dramatic way that could still look non-representational too.

Above shows my work on progress in the first 4 phases. First I took a bunch of photographs, selected my faves and made a sketch on canvas. The first step of painting it called underpainting, where you map out a general color scheme to start building color. As you can see, I changed my mind as I painted it and the colors grew deeper as I decided to depict a nighttime view and add some complexity to the shapes.

The painting continues further beyond these phases above, and I’M STILL WORKING ON IT NOW, perfecting the colors, gradations and forms until it reaches my idea of perfection… stay tuned to see the final, coming in the next week or two.

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