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"When Freedom Comes": Painting & Poem

Dec. 15, 2012 — original post

The idea of being behind trapped behind bars can be interpreted in several ways, and so can Freedom. I suppose I'm more fortunate that my own form of trapped is more metaphorical that actual, but the feeling of limitation is still strong. I invite the viewer to interpret this piece in a way that's most meaningful to them.

The painting When Freedom Comes was painted on repurposed plywood salvaged from a theatre production, with a gritty texture of sand mixed in for texture on the black bars.

Here's the purchase link to the painting and prints on Etsy.

When Freedom Comes. — EXCERPT Painting and Poem by Tiffany 

I know not how a light appears in such a deeply velvet blackness, but it did, and always will.

It starts as tiny as a fairy’s wing, whispering memories of truth and grows into a lightbulb ring humming into ears during elusive sleeps of youth indignity stirs within, you sense a shroud pulled over something...

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