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When the Magic Began…

Nov. 3, 2011 — original post

”Moonflower Magic” marks the beginning spark to my passion of painting, and experimenting in many different styles.

This painting is like a first child to me. It was the first painting I created on my own volition after my oil painting classes.

I was inspired by some nature photos I'd taken on my travels. Particularly I got a real Georgia O'Keefe inspiration with an obsession into the very centers of flowers and plants, and my own twist was to make a mirrored image to see even further, while interpreting all white values as vivid colors. It was very large and I spent more time on it than any painting before, trying to get the blends of colors just right. 

Where nature merges with electrified mysticism it creates a dream-like world…

Prints and cards for sale at my Etsy shop or multiples size and applications available at Fine Art America.

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