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Silk chiffon digitally-printed scarf, 20" x 70", exceptional quality, machine-washable, colorfast

Art Scarf: Memories of Stardust

  • Artistic prints from the fashion runways are revitalizing fashion with more PASSION, and now you can easily embody that runway to reality with these delicious art print scarves. 

    It's said the best things in life cannot be seen, but felt. Since these original paintings were created to express joy and emotion, as you adorn the vibrant colors and dynamic patterns of Tiffinity scarves, you'll also exude happiness and vitality wherever you go. 

    These elegant 70 x 20 inch scarves are machine-hemmed with small machine rolled hem stitching. The gauzy silk chiffon fabric has been prewashed & steamed after a coated digital printing. The colorfastness is well within the textile industry standard, so expect to get a long life out of your scarf! I've personally washed, dried and steamed my own scarves many times, and they still look like new.

    My "Memories of Stardust" painting was inspired by a detail of the Orion Nebula, but pushes the boundaries of your imagination further, incorporating a lot of surrealist hidden images, like angels and animals and more! The  scarf matches well with white or black clothing, or any color found in the design.

    All prints: © 2015 Tiffany Davis-Rustam & their original paintings still for sale

    + Message us about discounts for bulk and/or wholesale orders. 


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