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This painting is completely abstract and spontaneous in it’s origin, yet as I looked deeper into it, the image of a human heart appeared to be throbbing there on the canvas, with the sharp triangular points appearing at the sides to stab it, and long strips of ribbons trying to cover and contain it.


The analogy whispers to me that a very passionately creative free spirit is not as receptive in dealing with the demands of a traditional society, with it’s overrule of practicality and constrictions. You just can’t make too many demands of a wild heart; it will follow it’s own rhythm to the ends of the earth. 

Can't Stop the Beat of a Wild Heart

  • Can't Stop the Beat of a Wild Heart
    30" x 40" x 1.5" Abstract Oil on canvas painting
    © 2011 Tiffany Davis-Rustam - All Rights Reserved

    Packaged securely for preservation and free shipping included, only to the continental United States.
    (International shipping or non-continental U.S. delivery is not included in price, please inquire first.)

    11" x 14" prints available in Shop link.
    Other size prints available upon request.

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