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Causing A Scene is an abstract respresentational expression that was inspired by something we’re not socially supposed to do: cause a scene! If you’ve ever felt like showing your frustration to someone but have held back in keeping with polite social etiquette, then you might identify with the passionate surges of anger that sometimes build up behind closed doors and mouths. This is a celebration of getting everything you want to say off your chest, for fulfillment through ultimate self-expression. “You’ll feel better after you get it off your chest.

Causing a Scene

  • Causing a Scene.
    24” x 30” oil painting on canvas, © 2010 Tiffany Davis-Rustam - All Rights Reserved

    Packaged securely for preservation and free shipping included, only to the continental United States.
    (International shipping or non-continental U.S. delivery is not included in price, please inquire first.)

    11" x 14" prints available in Shop link.
    Other size prints available upon request.

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