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Elemental Goddess

—painting and poem by Tiffany Davis-Rustam 


Somewhere beyond vast forests of galaxies

A planet awakens to its cosmic dawn.

Primordial flames explode from giant molten mounds

and lakes of lava flood the land.


An entity emerges from waves of fire

… the elemental goddess appears.


When her moon eyes close

true vision opens up to vast realms of possibilities.


Cosmic waves of energy orbit from the heavens through her head.

She breathes in white-violet light from 47,000 suns.

Electrified by currents of orgasmic joy,

her limbs spin themselves in concentric circles,

'til consciousness is ringing cathedral bells throughout her being,

channeling incandescent auras through light years of heavens.


She sheds a tear of joyful bliss from up above

and down below it drops and ebbs into the air

multiplying mass and billowing into gushing streams.


Her gentle breath becomes the wind

that cools the fiery earth.

The water softens into the soil and begins to reveal its mysteries,

bursting forth blooms of tender seed buds,

weaving together luscious carpets of greens and vines,


A place to call your home, in honor of the goddess...


© 2012 Tiffany Davis-Rustam - All Rights Reserved

Packaged securely for preservation and shipping.


11" x 14" Fine Art Prints available:



Full-size Fine Art Giclee on Canvas wrap prints available on demand for: $250

Contact me if interested; other sizes available.

Elemental Goddess