NAME: Prometheus

WOOD: Manzanita Root

CRYSTAL: XL Lemurian Ice Quartz

ACCENTS: Peacock Ore, Smoky Apache Tear, Pyrite & Peacock Ore & Black Tourmaline inlay

WRAPPED: Deer Leather


This is my MOST RARE and unique Vortex Wand I've ever made!!! I've never seen another vortex twist this intense and beautiful! Naturally shaped almost like a sturdy futuristic ray gun, it feautures an extra large and VERY clear Lemurian Ice Quartz Crystal, and a lot of metallic ores, to increase it's natural electricity! This is truly a work of art, and it is priced as such, as my most valuable wand yet.


Quartz Crystals are perfect tools for manifestation, Peacock Ore is a stone of joy, Pyrite enchances abundance, while Apache Tear and Black Tourmaline releases negativity. 

This unique magical wand was hand-selected from branches found in Sedona wilderness, its wood twisted by the potent Sedona vortex energies. Each wand is unique & has its own special spirit name! 


The branch is artfully handcarved and smoothed to enhance its natural beauty, lacquered for sheen and preservation, often accented with gems or feathers, and topped with a securely wrapped quartz crystal shard. Pictures show all sides and crystal detail. 


The artist, Tiffinity, clears the energy of each crystal and wand and charges it in an particularly potent Sedona vortex location, blessing it with the intention for manifesting wellness and abundance in your life.



    Packaged securely for preservation. No refunds available, but in the unlikely event that something arrives damaged I will fix it, please contact me. 

    For ideas on wand usage and magic prayers, you’ll find an enclosed scroll when you receive your wand shipment!

    *Disclaimer: I cannot "guarantee" for this purchase that all of your wishes will come true with this wand. I'm only suggesting it may amplify your  metaphysical practices, but also it's a sculptural art object of beauty to admire.

    Packaged securely for preservation and free shipping included, only to the continental United States.
    (International shipping or non-continental U.S. delivery is not included in price, please inquire before purchasing.)


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