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This painting was made to help visualize a pregnancy, as myself and my husband are trying to conceive. I feel it's always helpful to have a visual representation of the manifestation you are trying to achieve; it gives you a specific idea and feeling to focus on.


What is more special than two destined soulmates passionately in love with each other bringing a precious new life into this world? Here two lovers dance energetically, as if made of fire. The imagery of the lotus flower symbolizes the embrace of esoteric knowledge as well as a nurturing cocoon, for in the center of the lotus grows a special little fetus, who is so loved by it's parents.

The Seed of Soulmates

  • The Seed of Soulmates.
    Original acrylic painting on canvas, 16” x 20 x 0.75”
    © 2019 Tiffany Davis-Rustam - All Rights Reserved. 

    Packaged securely for preservation and free shipping included, only to the continental United States.
    (International shipping or non-continental U.S. delivery is not included in price, please inquire first.)

    11" x 14" and small wood block prints available in Shop link.
    Other size prints available upon request.

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