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Vortex Wands

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The Magic of Sedona + The Power of Crystals 

Summon the Power of Sedona Energy with Vortex Wands!

—You can use these "magic wands" to grant your wishes, strengthen your energy and direct healing powers to your body.

These unique magical wands were hand-selected from branches found in Sedona wilderness, its wood twisted by the potent Sedona vortex energies.

Each branch is artfully handcarved and smoothed to enhance its natural beauty, lacquered for sheen and preservation, often accented with gems or feathers, and topped with a securely-wrapped crystal shard. 

The artist, Tiffinity, clears the energy of each crystal and wand and charges it in an particularly potent Sedona vortex location, blessing it with the intention for manifesting wellness and abundance in your life. Each wand is unique & has its own special spirit name! 

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