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"Elemental Goddess" Emerges Poetically

Oct. 28, 2012 — original post

In two posts back, you can see the original colored pencil drawing I made on this previous blog post. It was first concept many years ago, before I even started painting seriously.

Elemental Goddess Painting available here on my Etsy shop, and prints available soon.

The painting is a real departure from me that first got my brain thinking about how to abstract figures, but interesting it was several years before I even started painting, and when I did, it was pure abstracts.

Elemental Goddess —painting and poem EXCERPT by Tiffany Davis-Rustam 

Somewhere beyond vast forests of galaxies A planet awakens to its cosmic dawn. Primordial flames explode from giant molten mounds and lakes of lava flood the land.

An entity emerges from waves of fire … the elemental goddess appears.

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