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My Eco-Inspired Painting Debuting at Art 4 All Gallery

June 1, 2012 — original post

June has become a flurry of art events for me, and it’s wonderful several galleries are showing my artwork!

After the opening reception of the Art Surreal show at NoHo Gallery this Saturday, mentioned in the last post, I have another show coming up next Saturday, June 16th at  Art 4 All Gallery in Malibu, CA!

This sanctuary of creativity in Malibu has curated an amazing exhibition called The Woven, which is an exploration of Art and Artist’s reaction and engagement with Nature and the Environment. It will include both art inspired by nature, and art utilizing environmentally friendly materials and/or incorporating some form of recycled or repurposed items.

My own painting chosen for this group show is pictured below, Great Horned Wood. It features a mirrored image of the oldest living thing in the world, the ancient bristlecone pine trees, whose intriguingly beautiful curves were formed by 4,000 years of wind over the tops of the 10,000-feet-highWhite Mountains in Northern California. It features a repurposed frame, that is, I saved a discarded frame headed for the landfill, buffed it up, and extended the painting onto the frame. In a way I feel it symbolizes the boundless forces of nature cannot be contained.

Please feel free to join us in this celebration of nature and art!

The Woven Artist Reception  June 16th, 2012 6–8 pm Art 4 All People Gallery 19562 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90265

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