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"What's The Point?" Painting

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Jan. 13, 2012 — original post

I think in our lives we’ve all felt upset by a frustrating situation. But what do you do with those feelings? Painting is a great way to peacefully express strong emotions.

This painting was originally inspired by anger at a situation that was exasperating but out of my control to fix. The day felt dark and stormy, and my resentment at the situation had been brewing for a while, like a storm building speed. There was a really argumentative rationale that I wanted to make to these “storm-makers”, which were some very good “points” in my favor.

Shortly afterwards I realized it was more important to stay strong and silent because I wanted to preserve a good relationship for the future, so I thought “What’s the Point?” of creating extra drama? Best to just paint it out! I actually starting this painting with smearing big squeezes of the paint tube with my bare hands. I probably wouldn't advise that for health concerns, but it was very therapeutic.

Original painting available on Etsy and prints available on Fine Art America.

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